August 24, 2007

Summer wind-up

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Cindy’s off to Texas now, after a rocky morning (her car got looted like NOLA after a storm last night) and the house is empty but for my and the 22 year old cat.

It’s funny though, because now that the place is empty, I’m doing some work for Procuro tonight and pursuing some projects and open source things that I have been neglecting while having a local girlfriend. Some time later down the road a happy medium will need to be reached.

I have exactly one more month of working at Apple before I switch on over to VMware, so I’ve set a little goal for myself. One of my coworkers has Tanenbaum’s Modern Operating Systems so I’ve set off to finish it before I leave Apple and return the book to him. Already through the first chapter, I’ve haven’t learned much but I very much enjoy the writing style and presentation. This will be a good read.

My parents’ wedding is over, and once I figure out what sort of gallery/image hosting I’m going to use for the forseeable future I’ll get images up, but for the meantime I can say that it was a very good wedding.

I’m now moved into storage in San Diego, and my lease is rapidly expiring. It’ll be nice to have no money obligations down there for a while.

Cindy’s parents’ place is really nice, it’s a shame they’re leaving it.

That’s enough rambling. You’re all caught up now.


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