April 5, 2008

Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

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On the topic of standards, Microsoft has been trying to fast-track OOXML (the new office format) as an international standard. It looks like it passed (on April 1, no less). However, there are a lot of problems. PJ at Groklaw has been following this every step of the way, and while being able to read what’s going on has been great, the world continues to disappoint. Since Groklaw doesn’t have a section with all the OOXML stuff, here’s the latest bunch of articles:

New Rules for Changing Your Vote on OOXML
India Has Voted NO to OOXML – Updated – On Error Rates in Draft Standards
Poland Fails to Approve OOXML; Chairman Decides Members Can Vote by Email 10 More Days – huh? – Updated
Cuba Votes No to OOXML – Says It Did So in September, Too – Updated 2Xs
More OOXML BRM Messiness: A Delegate from Brazil Challenges “Law of Silence”
Brazil Votes NO to OOXML – Updated
Microsoft Files Complaint About India’s No Vote on OOXML – Updated 2Xs
Another Reason Microsoft’s OSP Isn’t Good Enough
Kenya Changes From Yes to Abstain! Denmark Says No; EU Commission Investigating Poland – Updated 6Xs – Mexico
President of EU Academy for Standardisation criticizes OOXML, says duplicative standards conflict with WTO rules
Updegrove: Germany Told “Impossible” to Vote No. So, They Vote Yes – Updated 2Xs: Finland Yes
What Really Happened at the BRM for OOXML and Who Attended – Updates on Results
OOXML Vote: Irregularities in Germany and Croatia and a Call for an Investigation of Norway
New Zealand Votes No; Malaysia Tech Recommends No but It Abstains Anyway: Australia Abstains; India Suggests
Formal Protest Filed Asking that Norway’s Vote Be Annulled and KEI Statement
The France Shift From No to Abstain — HP helped Microsoft France do it – Updated
Expect a 2nd Official Complaint — Against UK’s OOXML Vote
How the Philippines Changed Its OOXML Vote from No to Yes – Updated 2Xs: ISO Press Release and Letters
And now the appeals and reactions while OOXML sits on hold
Ubersoft on ISO, “voting irregularities”, and Groklaw
Canada Tells Why It Voted No on OOXML and How ISO Must Improve – Updated: Others See Need to Fix ISO
OOXML: Wasn’t There Supposed to be a Final Text Within a Month?

If you want to be really outraged, read the articles, too. This standard was bought and bullied. It never should have been fast-tracked, and still has grave issues.


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