June 10, 2008

What’s Yosemite?

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Since folks seem to like Steve stories that don’t involve people getting fired, here’s another Steve story from way back, this time from one of the guys on the AppleScript team.

Steve is a great leader for the company not just because he’s good at finding problems Apple can solve and then selling them, but also because he’s very aware of what’s going on inside the company. Once in a while, Apple has a Beer Bash, which is when they fill Caffé Macs with buffet style food, roll out a bunch of kegs, and invite everyone to come on out and finish off their Friday afternoons over some brew, snacks, and socializing. Note that this is very different from what WWDC attendees call a Beer Bash, lacking loud music and a few thousand third-party developers.

Our hero (we’ll call him Bob, for the sake of anonymity) was on his way to his office from the Beer Bash and took the elevator up to the second floor of IL1. Before the doors closed on the elevator, Steve hopped in.

Steve likes to take an interest in people when he’s idle, which usually only happens in the elevator. (There are more Steve stories that take place in an elevator than any other location which is part of why I never took the elevator in IL1. Too scared.) Steve asked for Bob’s name and team.
Upon learning Bob worked on AppleScript, he said, “You guys need to get (cites some bug in Radar) fixed, it’s holding us back from shipping Yosemite. What are you guys doing about that?”
Bob replied, “I’m just heading to my office now to check on test results for a fix we’re working on.”
“Huh, good answer,” Steve said.
A short silence passed while Steve pondered, ended by the elevator opening at the second floor and Bob exiting (escaping?).

Bob went straight to his manager and said, “What’s Yosemite?”
“Where did you hear about that? Shut the door!”
“Steve Jobs just told me we have a bug open that’s holding back Yosemite.”
“What did you tell him?”
“That I’m just up here to check up on the test results for our fix.”
“Huh, good answer.”


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