November 5, 2008

Breaking News: Church and State Hopelessly Intertwined

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some memorable quotes from last night.

nothe: California: I am FUCKING ASHAMED OF YOU. Good fucking riddance.

nothe: for what it’s worth, I’m also ashamed of Arkansas for passing a ban on gay couples adopting, florida, arizona, for banning gay marriage.

rands: Back in California, we’re putting the rights of animals ahead of the rights of people.

sanguish: Hey Sarah, I can see the end of your political career from my apt.

preed: So, to summarize across the nation: YES WE CAN… (unless you’re a dirty faggot.)

sdsasuke: proud to be an american, ashamed to be californian. as we elect a black president we further the persecution of a minority.

shawnmorel: ironic that the prop 8 wording will be in article 1 between equal protection clause and nondiscrimination in business. totally fubared!

So you already know what this is going to be about. Yay Obama won, but there were heavy downticket losses.

Prop 8 has been passed, the only counties left uncounted voted 2/3 in favour of the amendment thus far, 96% reporting. Prop 8 did much worse than previous propositions trying to accomplish the same thing (as laws which were later overturned by the supreme court as unconstitutional, not amendments), but it still managed to carry a majority vote.

What’s worse, minority voters largely voted in favour of the proposition, so what we also have is minorities discriminating against another minority.

Correlations in voting include religious ties (more religious, more in favour), educational ties (more educated, less in favour), and race (although I’m almost certain this is an artifact of the religious factor). Education measured in degrees per capita.

The institution of marriage is worth even less to me than ever before. As a government construction it’s only good for tax breaks and visitation rights in medical emergencies. As a religious construction it’s only useful for excluding minorities. As a social construction it’s a once-in-a-lifetime party. The purposeful exclusion of some of the most stable and loving couples I’ve ever met, the knowing removal of a citizen’s rights for the first time in the state’s history, marks one of the most public and galling acts of discrimination ever perpetrated by its citizens.

This initiative, amending the most important document in the state, should not be allowed by a simple majority, that’s perhaps the most astonishing part to me, that there have been so many amendments that did not belong. Astonishment only topped by following the results of last night.

Hat tip to Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas who, unsurprisingly, also voted highly discriminatory amendments/propositions into law. You guys enjoy your intolerant, hateful states. You earned it, with clear majorities in the 60%s.

What a backwards fucking country. I’m about ready to scrap my plans for marriage. If it’s not good enough for my friends, how is it good enough for me?

As a footnote, I wish this could be as simple as vocabulary. If “Marriage” was just a religious construct, then I’d say great, fuck ’em. Unfortunately a civil union is not directly equivalent. Try going through a medical emergency with your partner as a civil union. At best, it’s “separate but equal”, and we all know how that’s worked in the past. I wonder if at least 3% of the electorate voted yes because they thought it was just an issue of terminology.

Second footnote: apparently there are a few million uncounted absentee ballots, this could be good news. but I’m still very ashamed of the people that live in this state.


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