April 29, 2008

Apple ships Java6

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as of 1pm today, PDT.

now you people can’t bug me about it anymore. unless they have a x86 or PPC mac.

congrats to the Java team for getting it out the door, and with a bunch of neat extra features. it was a lot of fun to work with them, they’re a good bunch


February 20, 2008

Making a difference

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Like any engineer, I get satisfaction from solving problems and completing projects. For me, the real joy is when my solutions and ideas make it to a wider audience. This is why I enjoy working for large tech companies. I don’t want to be a big name somewhere, I want to make a difference.

This was one of the primary driving factors behind working at Apple. Here’s a platform I’ve used and stood behind for many years, and I was given the chance to make a difference.

I had two projects while I worked at Apple, and one of them has just seen the light of day in the latest Java6 preview (DP9). First listed feature, even. AppleScript is now a supported javax.script scripting language. Run arbitrary AppleScript. Return different types; not just Strings and Numbers, but Images and other (first class AppleScript) types as well. Eval() returns you regular, usable Java objects.

Check the release notes for example code. Report bugs.

Special thanks to Mike Swingler and the rest of the Java team for pushing this out and making my little (unfinished) project a reality. That team doesn’t get nearly enough credit for what it does.

I can’t wait until my other project ships. This is job satisfaction.

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