December 14, 2008

After Reading Articles Complaining About Online Advertising…

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I’ve decided that I’ll only ever sell ads on any of my webspaces if I have already bought the product/service myself, with my own money, and have no regrets.

I think the only currently-available match to this criteria is a cut and shave at Lefty’s from Mitchell.

Edit: Joe reminds me in the comments of my most egregious error, which I would like to correct. I have no regrets over buying my squeezebox. It does everything I expect, and a few things I didn’t know I wanted. It is in every way an excellent piece of hardware.

I should also mention that I’m working on buying a Canon 350D from Rushi and that it is also, in every way I can think of, exactly what I want and expect from a camera. The recent gift of a 50mm f/1.8 from Vinay (thanks!) has only made me love it more.


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